Flying Frozen

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Flying Frozen
Flying Frozen

Spoil your little princess with this trending Flying Fairy! 


- Make sure to charge your fairy before using it.

- Turn on the Flying Fairy's switch, hold the flying Fairy's legs, the Fairy then rotates leaving your hand to reach a certain height after take off!

- After reaching a certain height in the air, it will slowly drop down, you can then reach out under the Flying Fairy, below the sensor on the fairy's Dress, to make it rise again from the palm of your hand!

- To avoid damage to your Flying Fairy fly it carefully in an open space (but controlled environment) to avoid it from hitting walls, ceilings or any other appliances while getting to know how to operate it.

- The Flying Fairy takes off higher when fully charged, might even go as high as 3 meters high.


- Built-in Battery

 - 6-8 minutes Flight Time

- 19cm / 7.5in

- 25 minutes Charging time

Wings are Detached upon Delivery and are Easily Clipped In Before use.